Markus 2008

Markus SL30

The controller are specially created for RC sportsmen and RC-high performance users and ideal for 3D electric RC aircraft, 3D electric RC helicopters, classic RC aircraft and hotliners. Controllers ensure the maximal efficiency with different kinds of motors (Hacker, AXI, E-flite, Himark, Himax, Mega AC, JETImodel and others models) with power from 20 till 350 watts.

Markus SL30

The technical data:

Cells elements of battery:
Maximal continuous current:
Maximal peak current:
Cable cross-section (input /output):
Frequency (PWM):

Maximal continuous current:
Peak current:
Weight (include all cables):

5-18 NiCd/NiMH, 2-6 LiPol
0,0052 ohms
1,5 mm2
10-30 KHz
5 V

2 A
up to 4 A
37257 mm
21 g

- The settings of controllers allow the user to get a maximum performance from all types of brushless motors.
- Instant throttle response and accuracy of acceleration is especially important qualities for 3D flying.
- Smooth, comfortable and safe helicopter rotor speed.
- Excellent governor modes for any type of helicopter.
- Rotor RPM is accurately maintained during extreme 3D flying when flight loads will decrease the battery voltage.
- The five settings of brake type that allows minimal time to stop motors rotation.
- Ability to use pistol style surface vehicle transmitter, for example; an installation on a boat.
- There are many settings of controllers.
- Programmable change of rotation direction.
- Support of all types battery packs and watch over their minimal voltage.
- Auto shut down motor when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe.
- Audible and LED signal.
- Choice of switching on-off built in starting melody or loading of the users starting melody.
- Alarm notifies of signal lose.
- Switching of the built in or editing/loading of a user's throttle curves.
- Convenient navigation at viewing and change of settings of controller by means of the transmitter.
- Returning to defaults settings.

You may change the settings of Markus SL30 controller with your transmitter and receiver or with the Markus USB-cable (sold separately) and your PC. There are more programmable options available when using the Markus USB-cable; such as loading of the users starting melody or editing/loading of a user's throttle curves. Programming the controller using a PC will make the process of setting parameters easier and clearer. When using Markus USB-cable you will be able to have access to the latest software updates as they become available!

The Markus SL User Guide

Programmable settings and software for v0.12