Markus 2007

The sport lines (for F5B/F5D) filled up the new speed controllers Markus SL250 and Markus SL300 specially designed together with leading Russian sportsmen (S.Anashinym and S.Sobakinym), the authors of models "Avionik F5B/D/F, Stinger, Adrenalin". The speed controllers are suitable for LMR competition gliders, F5D pylon racers, F5B competition sailplanes.
The speed controllers Markus SL200 were used by the Russian sportsmen (S.Anashinym, S.Sobakinym and M.Romanenko) at the 2006 F5B/F5D World Championships in Romania. The team "Avionik" got 4th result out of 15th!

Russian F5B Team

- cut-off voltage 5.0V, 6.0 V, 9.0 V, 12.0 V, 15.0 V, 18.0V, "off", "auto NiXX", "Custom"
- brake type 4 settings
- timing - 3-7-12-17-22-27
- acceleration - 3 settings
- start - 4 settings
- throttle curve "exponential" or "linear"
- cutoff type - "acro" or "heli"
- switching frequency 8 KHz or 16 KHz
- change rotation direction 2 settings
- audible and LED signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe 2 settings
- calibrating endpoints (maximizes usable stick travel)
- return to default settings
- auto shut down when signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe
- audible and LED signal
- extremely low resistance
- change the settings by using PC